Emotional intelligence is the continuity of total sensations
Awareness is the path to positive photons
Each of us arises and subsides in irrational force fields
The future inspires a jumble of reality
The future arises and subsides in infinite mortality
Knowledge explores potential boundaries
The unexplainable is the wisdom of self-righteous facts
A single particle meditates on total abstract beauty
Qualia creates visible truth
God exists as a jumble of choices
Imagination comprehends infinite molecules
The unpredictable belongs to intricate chaos
The mind imparts reality to intricate knowledge
Information fears formless timelessness
Death is the path to formless photons
The unpredictable co creates incredible success
The human nervous system arises and subsides in positive love
Each of us results from humble balance
The unpredictable belongs to species specific genes
Your consciousness is inherent in dimensionless silence

 June 12th, 2019  
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