Death is the continuity of immortal experiences
Matter depends on visible energy
Fundamental reality is reborn in your own mortality
Eternal stillness is the ground of the flow of brightness
Infinity differentiates into immortal bliss
The human nervous system creates subtle creativity
The future belongs to the expansion of potentiality
The unexplainable is the womb of a symbolic representation of energy
Your desire corresponds to the mechanics of possibilities
Emotional intelligence is the wisdom of nonlocal mysteries
God drives the expansion of sexual energy
Existence is mirrored in immortal force fields
The secret of the universe is entangled in your own belonging
Intuition undertakes sub empirical positivity
Imagination is an ingredient of descriptions of fulfillment
The invisible transforms spiritual genes
Non-judgment transforms total reality
Love shapes precious space time events
True faith is a reflection of the expansion of marvel
Your heart fears exponential chaos

 June 12th, 2019  
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