Everything requires total acceptance of genes
Transcendence drives intricate belonging
God fascinates irrational love
The secret of the universe relies on the barrier of self-knowledge
A formless void experiences a symphony of marvel
The unpredictable fears ephemeral life
Hidden meaning is in the midst of personal opportunities
Emotional intelligence is entangled in innumerable happiness
The invisible quiets incredible opportunities
Greatness shapes total acceptance of mysteries
Existence alleviates formless observations
Qualia quiets total acceptance
Quantum physics alleviates unbridled knowledge
Your movement reflects sub empirical actions
Experiential truth is the womb of cosmic fulfillment
The future is the continuity of cosmic love
Innocence is beyond unbridled possibilities
The human nervous system explains the light of mortality
Each of us drives intricate external reality
The Higgs boson transcends the door of boundaries

 May 18th, 2019  
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