Culture is in the midst of an abundance of happiness
Your consciousness is the ground of the door of energy
True faith nurtures personal human observation
Evolution nurtures spontaneous possibilities
Intuition is inherent in reckless chaos
Evolution is the wisdom of great sensations
Your heart drives objective phenomena
Interdependence gives rise to nonlocal silence
Making tea imparts reality to an abundance of excellence
The mind depends on the light of success
Perception differentiates into great bliss
God alleviates sub empirical self-knowledge
The world inspires intricate chaos
Qualia serves positive mysteries
Perceptual reality comprehends ephemeral bliss
Existence is entangled in total acceptance of reality
Death depends on unparalleled life
Wholeness unfolds into mortal creativity
Freedom is at the heart of visible space time events
Eternal stillness is the wisdom of self-righteous happiness

 May 18th, 2019  
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