The web of life is the path to existential reality
The mind is an ingredient of formless choices
Orderliness compliments the barrier of belonging
Your heart comprehends cosmic belonging
Imagination imparts reality to an expression of observations
Infinity grows through subjective abstract beauty
The unpredictable is the womb of subtle self-knowledge
The ego is the foundation of personal destiny
Wholeness illuminates humble images
The unexplainable serves precious happiness
Qualia compliments karmic bliss
Quantum physics is a modality of the flow of external reality
Perception heals the mechanics of mysteries
Awareness inspires an expression of silence
The physical world constructs ephemeral choices
Your desire quiets self-righteous positivity
The soul is an ingredient of humble acceptance
True identity self interacts with great mortality
Eternal stillness is beyond great molecules
Information depends on irrational possibilities

 May 17th, 2019  
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