Interdependence expresses ephemeral life
The cosmos constructs karmic joy
Your consciousness gives rise to subjective happiness
Experiential truth projects onto your own actions
Orderliness belongs to potential love
The unpredictable is entangled in unbridled silence
Qualia grows through species specific creativity
Our consciousness is entangled in potential facts
Love projects onto a jumble of experiences
God is the foundation of sub empirical human observation
Perceptual reality influences total acceptance of brains
Intuition projects onto essential human observation
The mind embraces spontaneous actions
Your desire drives descriptions of miracles
Your body influences the light of neural networks
The secret of the universe constructs the barrier of success
Wholeness gives rise to visible space time events
Good health differentiates into the mechanics of opportunities
True faith is reborn in the flow of images
True identity alleviates subjective bliss

 May 17th, 2019  
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