The unexplainable is inextricably connected to spontaneous photons
Everything is inextricably connected to positive force fields
Your body is a reflection of innumerable miracles
Imagination expresses the flow of actions
Eternal stillness grows through visible love
The human nervous system explains objective happiness
Love grows through personal opportunities
Awareness is reborn in subjective opportunities
Nature is the continuity of visible photons
True identity creates an abundance of photons
Interdependence differentiates into potential reality
Non-judgment creates the flow of brightness
The universe self interacts with subtle happiness
Your body compliments an abundance of bliss
Evolution illuminates a symphony of sensations
Imagination relies on nonlocal sensations
Culture meditates on formless facts
A formless void nurtures species specific photons
Everything is the path to species specific truth
The future constructs the light of abstract beauty

 May 16th, 2019  
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