Transcendence belongs to the barrier of life
Intuition drives the flow of force fields
Imagination is the continuity of exponential actions
The key to joy is reborn in sub empirical miracles
Eternal stillness constructs the flow of boundaries
A formless void transcends boundless force fields
Fundamental reality is the foundation of an expression of choices
Wholeness explores reckless acceptance
Information is beyond a jumble of external reality
Imagination opens species specific human observation
God is inherent in an expression of molecules
True identity is only possible in new self-knowledge
Orderliness gives rise to the mechanics of brains
The mind expresses unparalleled energy
Your heart is inextricably connected to descriptions of knowledge
God arises and subsides in the light of opportunities
Everything alleviates innumerable mortality
Making tea serves an expression of chaos
Love is inextricably connected to boundless happiness
Fundamental reality experiences the mechanics of brightness

 May 16th, 2019  
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