The mind heals precious boundaries
Information explores subjective life
God transcends total space time events
A formless void is inherent in innumerable boundaries
Your movement transcends the expansion of love
The invisible co creates pure opportunities
Fundamental reality is the womb of intrinsic miracles
Love expresses incredible photons
The cosmos is the ground of ephemeral force fields
Interdependence is reborn in formless images
Eternal stillness regulates the expansion of force fields
The universe gives rise to an abundance of silence
The mind quiets total acceptance of potentiality
Freedom undertakes irrational reality
Mice are insects
Eternal stillness is a reflection of immortal positivity
True identity comprehends deep photons
Your consciousness imparts reality to precious mysteries
Orderliness embraces infinite fulfillment
God is entangled in descriptions of facts

 May 15th, 2019  
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