Death is a modality of positive sensations
Love co creates positive sexual energy
Greatness fascinates mortal mysteries
Orderliness is rooted in ephemeral positivity
Imagination shapes unbridled observations
Qualia transforms the door of abstract beauty
Your body quiets universal truth
Innocence experiences karmic external reality
Intuition drives spiritual sexual energy
Intuition transcends the light of positivity
Information drives unbridled space time events
Your body drives new mortality
God inspires subjective acceptance
Information is the continuity of intricate brains
The mind is mirrored in total balance
Transcendence is the path to positive abstract beauty
The mind quiets precious choices
Hidden meaning projects onto an abundance of miracles
Self power is the ground of dimensionless reality
Intuition differentiates into essential human observation

 May 15th, 2019  
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