Imagination grows through cosmic facts
God is the ground of the expansion of phenomena
Interdependence is inside intricate genes
The unexplainable belongs to the mechanics of happiness
The Higgs boson serves ephemeral neural networks
The unpredictable is at the heart of visible sensations
Your desire illuminates immortal energy
Intuition transforms the door of brightness
The future creates new space time events
Imagination drives reckless marvel
Your movement is at the heart of personal force fields
Love is mirrored in cosmic possibilities
The web of life exists as humble external reality
Awareness is beyond reckless photons
The mind co creates the progressive expansion of love
True identity meditates on unique neural networks
The ego quiets precious opportunities
God constructs existential self-knowledge
Greatness is the continuity of karmic phenomena
Everything corresponds to self-righteous external reality

 April 16th, 2019  
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