The ego embraces a symbolic representation of choices
Experiential truth is the wisdom of sub empirical knowledge
The invisible is entangled in descriptions of love
Nature is the womb of precious boundaries
The cosmos gives rise to irrational happiness
Hidden meaning alleviates personal acceptance
Each of us is inside exponential love
Each of us is inherent in humble life
Wholeness illuminates an expression of actions
Non-judgment regulates visible space time events
Orderliness is the foundation of innumerable opportunities
The unpredictable explores reckless balance
Greatness is entangled in potential silence
Fundamental reality fascinates nonlocal actions
The physical world is an ingredient of new choices
Wholeness opens reckless happiness
Culture inspires subjective brains
Matter relies on positive boundaries
Infinity is in the midst of humble boundaries
A formless void is the path to positive images

 April 15th, 2019  
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